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John and I developed our passion for wine over several years. We tasted wines in the Napa Valley long before there were the choices of hotels and restaurants that the Napa Valley offers today. There were also far fewer wineries to visit. Our tasting experiences were often very relaxed with opportunities to speak to knowledgeable staff.

As the years went by, it became more clear to me that the Napa Valley is where I wanted to live and become involved in the wine business. This started a five year journey of studying fruit, terroir and properties for sale.

When we came across wine that we really enjoyed, we would follow the fruit back to the vineyard and consistently found the fruit had come from Howell Mountain. We soon knew that having a winery anywhere other than on Howell Mountain, for us, would be a compromise.

In 2002, the Deer Park Winery became available. After long and often intense negotiations, we were finally able to complete the sale in October of that same year.

We closed the gates for the first year so that we could bring in all new winemaker equipment and start the long journey of bringing the winery to our vision.

Our priorities were and will remain, patience without compromise in the winemaking process. Our next priority was to make sure that our guests enjoyed the wine tasting experience that we enjoyed so many years prior. A tasting experience that was personal, relaxed and informative.

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